Kickboxing london clubs have unique styles that suit different people

When it comes to getting in shape, meeting new friends, and learning a new discipline, there can be few better things to try than London kickboxing classes. Seriously: if you don’t believe me, then you are missing out! I went to a London kickboxing club for the first time roughly a year ago. I went on the recommendation of a friend, and also because I was at a loose end, and I have not looked back since then! I enjoyed it so much I wanted to go back immediately! Since then I went every week, and I started to use a training program, with the instructor acting as my personal trainer. I have never been so healthy and energetic, and it feels really good. I’m sure – in fact I know, since I have been to compete in a few other dojos – that there are many different sorts of kickboxing London clubs can offer, but I guess I was just lucky to find the one that was just right for me at the first time of asking. If I hadn’t, I suppose I would have just decided that kickboxing in general wasn’t for me.

As it is, I have really enjoyed discovering things about the sport and its origins, and also about the codes of conduct and discipline that you can use in your everyday life; some meditation and breathing methods I have learned at Karmaa (my London kickboxing club), for instance, have really reduced my stress levels at work, and helped me to deal with challenging issues involving colleagues. I didn’t beat anybody up, if that’s what you’re thinking!

In fact, Kickboxing has unexpectedly made me feel more calm and passive in life. Less like I am competing against anything and more like I am going with the flow and calmly making my way through. It’s funny: before I took up kickboxing, I was seriously thinking about resigning from my job, because I found living in London too stressful. Now I don’t think of it as stressful, and I don’t think that can be a coincidence.

In London kickboxing classes can be a fantastic way to escape from your job in the city for a while. You get an adrenaline rush, which helps you to relax and sleep more soundly at night. A good London kickboxing club should be able to consider your individual needs – i.e. what it is you want to get out of kickboxing. Through kickboxing London has become a less hectic and more exciting place to live.

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