Graduate scheme can be a good start to your career, but demand forward planning

University students entering their last year might begin to find that their minds turn to graduate jobs and future job plans.  For others, they might find themselves distracted by parties, work and their last opportunity to live a worry-free life without any of the concerns of the ‘real world’.  However, for students who are hoping to apply to graduate scheme at the best employers in the UK, downing drinks in the student union is not the most useful priority for the final months of university.  Even for those who are not interested in the more structured schemes, it is often a sensible idea to think about applying for internship jobs during university holidays, as these can add valuable quality to one’s CV.

Application deadlines for graduate schemes vary hugely so the best thing to do is to do some research during the summer holidays before your final year of university, when things tend to get very busy, and mark up a calendar with the deadlines of all the graduate jobs you are interested in.  The frustration of finding an ideal job opportunity and then finding that the deadline has passed is something that need not happen.  Is easy to lose track of these dates when term is underway, so it really is worth investing a bit of time finding out when applications need to be made before the time comes.

Similarly, those who are thinking about applying for internship jobs may need to send applications before term even starts.  If you are hoping to get a permanent role with the organisation in question after graduating, it might be best to set up an internship for the Christmas holidays.  This way, you are likely to be fresh in the recruiter’s mind when they are thinking about graduate roles.  Some of these kind of opportunities are advertised on careers websites, but it is often worth sending a letter to a company of interest, as some employers receive so many speculative applications that they do not need to advertise.

It is possible to begin the academic year full of great ideas about graduate jobs, but the best intentions can easily fall by the wayside in the last year of university.  If you have spent some time applying to graduate scheme and internship jobs, though, you will certainly thank yourself when June comes and you have far more options than you might have done otherwise.

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