The Only Choice for Recovery Audit Software

As with every change and with the crossing of each new frontier, the constant expansion of business and the constant revolutionising of accounting technology and multiplication of business models and strategies presents companies with new challenges and new dangers. Your Accounts Payable department is now a greatly more complex beast than its predecessors of even a decade ago were: and it is laden with weighty and serious new responsibilities. What’s more, any increase in the size of your AP department, let alone in its complexity, necessarily opens the door to an increased range of errors: and they can add up. The new complexity and range of the ways in which AP departments receive payments has created mind-boggling new tasks and this means new dangers of things falling between the cracks. In a more complex, higher-stakes business, old dangers like fraud, duplicate payments and overpayment still loom large, but in new ways.

Stamping out routine mistakes like duplicate payments, faulty procedures or just failures to get the most out of the software that you use requires effective self-auditing. In order to really get to grips with the challenges of a modern and expanding organisation, you need an outstanding Accounts Payable audit system. That’s where Fiscal Technologies €™AP Forensics software package comes in. AP Forensics is an easy-to-use system which can give you an oversight of your whole AP operation from A to Z.

The technology choices that businesses make are now crucial to the success of your accounts payable audit operation. The recovery audit software that you use has to be absolutely top of the range€“ or else it is simply useless. Fiscal Technologies€™ accounts payable audit software package AP Forensics falls firmly into the former category. One of AP Forensics greatest virtues is its simplicity. The system is designed to be as straightforward and intuitive for AP professionals as possible, so that information gleaned from your AP Forensics audit can be quickly converted into effective corrective action.

Accounts Payable Audit software isn’t the only important weapon in Fiscal Technologies€™ armoury. Recovery audit software, designed to assist with recovery of money lost through overpayments or other errors which are detected after the transaction has been completed, is a vital tool: AP Forensics has the software solutions that are needed for effective recovery audits, as well as audits of your AP department€™s procedures.

Fiscal Technologies€™ decade of experience in the AP field points to the fact that if your staff are not adequately motivated; or if they are not suitably prepared for the fast pace of technological and organisational change, then even the most well-meaning management strategies for improving AP will leave your team feeling shell-shocked rather than empowered. AP Forensics is the software package that you need that can deliver the clear information and hard facts that AP teams require to navigate their way confidently through the changing AP environment.

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