Minibus hire is a better solution than taking the train

Recent news stories have quantified what we’ve all been feeling: rail is too expensive for an increasing number of travellers. Fares have soared 50 percent in only 10 years, well above the rate of inflation. One of the reasons for this is that the pinch on the national budget means that the coalition is cutting back on their subsidies, asking passengers to pay more for their journeys so that there is less pressure on public spending. Whilst this might seem ok in a capitalist economy, bus services are also being cut. Public transport is therefore either pricing itself out of the market or disappearing from it altogether. More and more people simply find it too dear – and yet, driving everywhere yourself is not a smart option either, thanks to the price of fuel and congestion charges. One solution is to club together to find economies of scale. Whether this takes the form of car-sharing on daily journeys or luxury coach hire or minibus hire on longer trips and holidays, suddenly group transport becomes more affordable. Coach hire London means that you can share the financial impact across a large number of people, thereby each paying only a little.

These options will only really work for those trips that involve a lot of people – usually upwards of a dozen, but up to forty or fifty if you hire the biggest coach. However, the great news is that because there are so many of you, the facilities can be really outstanding for a quite good price. Luxury coaches come complete with all kinds of mod cons and conveniences – as well as with well-trained drivers to take you to your destination.

Whether you’re driving a load of fans to a football match, a coach full of school pupils to a theatre performance or a bunch of friends on holiday, these are far more sensible options than public transport – which is unreliable, expensive and inflexible – or all travelling separately (just downright expensive and very bad for the environment). Not to mention the logistics of getting everyone to the same place, at the same time, without anyone getting lost… Minibus hire is the best choice for ten or twelve people, whereas if it’s more than that then coach hire London is maybe worth considering. If you want something a little bit special – or it’s a long trip and you need the creature comforts – then luxury coach hire is definitely a good option.

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