Hotel jobs Gulf cast the service industry in an attractive light

Few people feel they know the Gulf region well. For some of us it represents the rich terrain of tax breaks and luxury, but generally speaking we know little of its genuine historical or even current cultural significance. Recently the latter has been developing, particularly in art-world terms: The Guggenheim and Louvre museums, renowned in their European and American locations, are planned to open in 2013 on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island, a $27 billion art and culture project on which construction started a few years ago. At a time like this a future career working in hotel jobs Dubai or hotel jobs gulf promises great things: just imagine how rewarding and educational days off could be when some of the world’s most acclaimed masterpieces are a mere stone’s throw away. Even now the art world flocks to Abu Dhabi for the country’s annual art fair. This year’s edition of this fair, for example, attracted contemporary greats such as Jeff Koons. And if the Gulf still doesn’t sound like your preferred option there are similar opportunities in the East such as hospitality jobs Singapore.

In Singapore things are really gathering pace. The country may have come into the media spotlight recently when Rupert Murdoch sung the praises of its high employment and pay standards but this is a good thing if you are thinking of working out there. Certainly, he was right to point out the excellent living standards: the streets are clean, for example, as chewing gum is famously illegal. What’s more, the Singaporeans tend to pride themselves on being great hosts, loyal friends and fully-involved family members. This too bodes well for all those who are keen to work in the Far East but are nervous about their ability to make friends: Singapore has long attracted Western businessmen and women in their droves who have nearly always returned saying how welcome and accepted they felt abroad.

Indeed, wherever you decide to work in the East, be it in hotel jobs Dubai, more generally hotel jobs gulf, or hospitality jobs Singapore, the chances are you will thrive on a totally new and uplifting experience in a new culture. Trying out new delicacies and beginning to learn the local languages are just some of the benefits of working abroad. Besides these brilliant opportunities are those of getting a new viewpoint on the art world, making new friends and feeling truly integrated into life abroad.

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