School uniforms need not be too expensive if you know where to look

Paying large amounts of money for school uniforms can be a very frustrating experience for a parent.  It often seems that educational establishments stipulate their school clothes with hardly any consideration of the likely effects on families who may need to buy a few uniforms at a time.  What’s more, when children are growing up they may only fit into each uniform for a few months, meaning that the poor parent is forced to go back to the expensive London schoolwear supplier more often than they would like, often having to spend hundreds of pounds.  With this in mind, this article aims to offer some suggestions for mums and dads who would like to avoid paying so much for clothes for their children to wear to school.

Most parents fail to take advantage of the prime resource at their disposal when their children start at a new school, namely the hundreds of other children, some of whom are very likely to have recently outgrown the uniform that your child needs.  If you can meet some other parents before your child starts at the school, you might find that a fellow parent will hand over a set of uniform for next to nothing.  If you have problems identifying the right people, it is always worth contacting the school, as they often run second hand sales at the start of the school year. Finding out about such a sale could save you hundreds of pounds, so it is usually worth a phone call!

It is often the case that a school specifies a certain school uniform provider, which tends to be on the costly side.  While it can be tricky to avoid getting the key items from this store, it is worth looking around to see if there are items that can be purchased from cheaper retailers.  For example, it makes little sense to buy generic shirts or blazers from the shop that sells the skirt your daughter requires from school, as you can get these items extremely cheaply from a supermarket or online.  Such stores sometimes take advantage of having lured you into their shop and charge you inflated prices for bits of uniform that are readily available elsewhere.

school uniforms can be an unavoidable necessity, but a bit of forward planning will help you ensure that your London schoolwear supplier is not charging you more than you should be spending.  With less money going on the school clothes that children usually resent anyway, you can afford to spend more on the things they love in life.

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