London schoolwear supplier taking pride in innovative textiles

School uniforms have something of a bad reputation. Many of us recall our childhood spent stuffed into itchy or ill-fitting garments that had to serve us equally well during the most testing of maths classes and in the most exciting and energetic of playtimes. Usually our school clothes were unable to live up to the ludicrously high and varying expectations our parents and teachers appeared to have set them. Thus many of us will remember returning home from school with a frayed sweatshirt cuff, a fallen hem, an ink-stained shirt or muddy trouser knees. And when the clothes didn’t get to a state beyond repair in one of these ways they were often handed down to our siblings so that they could subject them to an even worse fate. These, however, are the school uniforms of the past. These days the London schoolwear supplier has grown savvy: they have begun to supply a greater range of uniforms in better fits and in more suitable materials than ever before.

The suppliers really do occupy material worlds and in some cases will have thoroughly completed their homework in terms of finding the ideal textiles for kids to wear at school. That means they have found fabrics that are comfortable, hard-wearing, breathable and easy to care for. Teflon is often incorporated into trousers and skirts these days to give the garments suffering from most wear and tear the best chances of survival. Sometimes Teflon even comes coated in a scotchguard, which makes clothes more resistant to stains and less dependent on ironing to keep them crease-free and presentable. This point is crucial for mums and dads, who are just as concerned about the latest developments in uniform as their kids are – because it’s the mums and dads who get landed with the job of washing and drying their little one’s outfits.

School uniforms can be a source of pride and joy when they’re picked out carefully. Obviously there are the rules of specific schools to take into account but if you’ve got set of requirements, or just the name of your child’s school, the London schoolwear supplier can give you what you need.  Actually, many suppliers go beyond their call of duty and provide leisurewear, Girl Guides and Scout uniforms, ballet shoes and leotards, football shorts and hockey sticks as well as the essential school clothes. You can even order online and have the all-important trying-on session from the comfort of your own home.

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