Bottomline technologies: protect your money with world-class invoice processing software

Whatever your line of business, whether you are in construction, catering or finance; whatever the product is that you are making and selling – the key commodities for your company are inevitably time and information. Time and information are the things which make or break companies in the modern world – and maximising your effective exploitation of both is key. And the two are necessarily linked – failure to order time efficiently means that you can’t make the most of the information available to you: and slipshod information management means a potentially damaging waste of time. First-class document management and document processing systems are neither luxuries nor extravagances – nothing could be more extravagant than trying to do without them.

And there is no area of business for which this applies more acutely than invoice processing. Your invoice processing system is the gateway for all your organisation’s money – and if your organisation is above a certain size, then it is almost a certainty that you are falling victim to a small but persistent flow of losses, many of them challenging to detect, which are costing you time and money. Bottomline Technologies have developed a plethora of invoice processing solutions that can help you plug all the leaks in your accounts department, small and subtle as they might be.

Document management and document processing systems and technologies are key ingredients in an effective information management culture. When a department is faced with an overwhelming flow of information, or needs to send out the same information to many different recipients, automation of the right task and in the right way is crucial. Bottomline Technologies has developed a range of technologies and approaches to make sure that your organisation can get it right when it comes to information management systems.Â

Bottomline offers a mix of ready-to-buy software, and procedures that can be carried out as outsourced processes from Bottomline’s own data centre, to assist your organisation in taking the steps forward in the fields of document processing and management. Often a range of in-house and outsourced solutions are required: after all, for all the sophistication of a given piece of information processing technology, any organisation often needs an outsider’s perspective on their processes to help really make meaningful changes to their procedures; but also, the intimate knowledge of the precise needs and situation of an organisation that only in-house staff can provide will often trump the best efforts of an outside team.

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