Care home manager jobs are demanding but rewarding

Care home manager jobs, or, as they used to be called, nursing home manager jobs, fulfil an incredibly valuable role in ensuring the professional running of care facilities. These home manager jobs are positions of considerable responsibility, but can also be tremendously rewarding for the right person. This role should be filled by someone with first class organisational skills (because you will be arranging many of the day to day services that a care home supplies) and who also has highly developed interpersonal and communication skills.

In the United Kingdom care homes used to be dubbed nursing homes, but since 2002 rest homes, convalescent homes, care homes, and nursing homes have all been referred to using the catch-all term ‘care homes’. These institutions provide services for people who are not able to cope with necessary daily activities whilst living alone. These could be elderly people, or they could be young people and residents may be physically disabled, or they may be mentally disabled. Some people may also need to spend time in a care home following an accident or a severe illness. In homes with skilled nursing facilities, residents can be given occupational, physical, and other rehabilitative therapies in order to improve their conditions.

In the different countries of the United Kingdom there are different regulatory bodies responsible for overseeing the proper running of care facilities. In England the Commission for Social Care Inspection was replaced not long ago by a body known as the Care Quality Commission. This commission is responsible for inspecting every care home in the country at least every three years. In Wales the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales fulfils a similar task, in Scotland it is done by the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care and in Northern Ireland the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority in Northern Ireland is responsible.

These bodies are not, however, responsible for the entry of individuals to care homes. For example, in England, in order to enter a care home, you require an assessment of both your needs and your finances by your local council. Should you require nursing care, you will also be seen by a nurse for an evaluation of your condition. In England, the cost of residing in a care home is means tested.

Home manager jobs are varied and stimulating. Depending on location and the needs of the residents, there can be differences between nursing home manager jobs and care home manager jobs, but they are all undeniably rewarding, both emotionally and intellectually.

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