Hospitality jobs Singapore -€“ a change in lifestyle

Dubai, Singapore and the Gulf states represent all sorts of things to different people.  For a lot of those who are employed in the hospitality sector, hotel jobs Dubai and hotel jobs Gulf hold a sort of vague appeal; we often hear that these areas offer wage rates and a style of life that can rarely be found in similar jobs in Britain.  For those who might be thinking about hospitality jobs singapore or in any of these countries, this article considers how working and living in this part of the world might change your life.

Dubai is one of the seven regions which form the United Arab Emirates, which forms part of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf.  Its capital, Dubai City, is thoughtby many to be one of the fastest growing and most fascinatingcities in the world.  The average August temperature in Dubai is 40 degrees Celsius, which helps to explain why the state is such a haven for travellers who flock to enjoy its long coastline.  Because of its swiftly-growing economy, Dubai is a major hub for construction.  The subsequent growth of Dubai’s workforce has meant that other industries, particularly hospitality, have taken off in the area.  Since the 1980s, when the government created tax-free areas, Dubai became a big draw for Western professionals.  These days, Dubai City is one of the few places in the world where expats outnumber the locals.  As such, as an expatriate worker in Dubai you will find yourself amongst many like minded people in one of the most diverse, cosmopolitan cities in the world.  The working culture is very much ‘work hard, play hard’, with an average working week of around 45 hours, but a fantastic array of activities on offer from ski slopes to wave pools mean that you will rarely be short of possibilities for after-work entertainment.

For people who are not enticed by hotel jobs Dubai or hotel jobs Gulf, Singapore may offer a different appeal.  50% of its service sector is made up of non-Singaporian workers, giving it a similarly diverse ethnic mix to Dubai.  Singapore is the world’s fourth leading financial centre, and its port is one of the five busiest ports in the world, which gives a suggestion of why hospitality jobs singapore are so many in number.  According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the ‘Quality of Life Index’ there rates Singapore as having the best quality of life in Asia.

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